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Partners and sponsors of CodeIT 2020/2021

Logos Cougar Prestigio Samsonite Speedy Ubisoft AFB ERP AMG Publishing Janet 45 Freckles Ciela JOY Optics Grand Optics ZEISS VISION CENTER BAS Sofia University IMI TU Sofia NPMG SMG PGKPI ELSYS Burgas University Ruse University MG Baba Tonka Shikovi School of Informatics A&B School of Informatics


The twelve CodeIT finalists will meet Rumen Hristov - a five-time IOI medalist, ranking sixth in the Hall of Fame! Read more...

Every contestant in CodeIT with a non-zero score will receive a t-shirt with the contest’s image. Three of the participants in every leg, chosen by a random draw, will receive a sweatshirt or a prize by Asbis – official distributer of Prestigio and Cougar Gaming in Bulgaria.

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