Third round Marathon

Round time

Start: 04.1.2019 / 20:00 h.
End: 25.1.2019 / 20:00 h.


To the Technical University of Sofia and to me as a Rector it is an honor and a privilege to be a patron of the Third Round of one of the oldest programming contests in the world – CodeIT, organized by our long-term partners from Musala Soft. As a Rector of the oldest technical higher education institution in Bulgaria, I can declare that the main mission of the Technical University of Sofia is to create favorable conditions for the future development of information technologies and to benefit the formation of a highly professional and technology-based society. In our partnership with the International Programming Contest CodeIT I can identify a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the successful development of education in the IT sector. We are exceptionally happy that we are given the chance to support young, ambitious and active people to be creative, to achieve higher goals and to never stop learning! I am confident that all contestants will experience a lot of positive emotions and a true satisfaction of the efforts they have made. I would like to express my hope that their participation in the contest will empower their ambition to become even better. Our society needs the talent and knowledge of the young programmers.

Respectfully ,
Prof. D.Sc. Eng Georgi Mihov
Rector of the Technical University of Sofia

Patron of the round - Prof. D.Sc. Eng Georgi Mihov