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Third round Marathon

Round time

Start: 19.1.2020 / 14:00 h.
End: 09.2.2020 / 22:00 h.

On behalf of The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) is BAS I most warmly congratulate you as participants in the annual edition of one of Bulgaria’s most prestigious national competitions in informatics – CodeIT.
Our institute rightfully so is proud to be a pioneer in developing informatics in Bulgaria. In it are created the first Bulgarian electronic calculator, the first Bulgarian computer, the first calculation center in Bulgaria. Today our institute continues to be one of the leaders in developing informatics in Bulgaria and in many other areas. The institute is the center of the Bulgarian school of coding theory, one of the world’s best, created by the late acad. Stefan Dodunekov.
Our colleagues have walked the complete road in working with computers, starting with writing programs with Punched tapes and Punched cards, something many of you have only heard of, and working today with the most modern technics.
I would recommend to all of you to look back every once in a while, because in the past you could always find something to learn from. As an example I will just mention that the launched in 1977 Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are long out of the Solar system, but are still sending information that reaches back to Earth after traveling with the speed of light for over 20 hours. And those are relics from the Early Space era with computer memory of 68 kB.
I hope you will make new contacts with people who think like you during the contest, start new friendships and prove yourself as future leaders in the informatics technologies. We are particularly thankful to Musala Soft for the initiatives and cares for developing young specialist.

Vesselin Drensky, Academician of BAS, Professor, D.Sc., Director of IMI.

Patron of the round - Acad. Veselin Drenski