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1. 100
2. 85
3. 70
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Fourth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 22.2.2020 / 14:30 h.
End: 22.2.2020 / 18:00 h.

On behalf of the academic leadership of the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, partner of the ongoing programming contest CodeIT, I am honored to congratulate the organizers of the most elite private national informatics contest for its 20th anniversary. The dynamics of technology development in the world sets us in front of new challenges every day, and their overcoming lies in the effective collaboration between the business and the educational institutions. For our academic community the support of practical skills and professional development of the capable young people is a priority. I am honored to be chosen as a patron of one of the rounds in the 20th edition of the competition. All the best to all of the participants and may they have much success, inspiration and never ending enthusiasm for professional development and succes

COR MEM Prof. Hristo Beloev, DTSc DHC mult. Rector of the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse
Dear participants in the international programming contest CodeIT. To be a programmer means to have the ability to thing logically and to find solutions to different problems and tasks, and programming changes the world we live in. May you all program your future bravely and achieve your dreams

Galina Bobeva, principle of the high school of mathematics “Baba Tonka”, Ruse

Patron of the round - Prof. Hristo Beloev and Galina Bobeva