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Patrons of the first marathon round of CodeIT confirmed

София, 12.10.2017

Patrons of the first round (Marathon) of CodeIT will be Prof. Krassimir Manev, President of the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (eJOI)and Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Tormasov, Recto.


Agenda and keynote speaker for MUFFIN Conference 2017 announced

София, 03.10.2017

Musala Soft announced the agenda and keynote speaker for the technology, innovations and soft skills MUFFIN Conference 2017. The forum will take place on October 14th , 2017 at the .


New Season of CodeIT starting on October 13th

София, 03.10.2017

The new season of the most elite private programming contest in Bulgaria CodeIT 2017/2018 will launch on Friday, October 13th at 20:00h. The contest has been held since 2000, and af.


Gleb Evstropov's lecture

Sofia, 29.06.2017

The finalists were thrilled to meet in person the world-famous IT guru and the twice silver medal holder at ACM ICPC Gleb Evstropov from Russia, who was a special guest. The day bef.


The winners of the international IT competition CodeIT 2017

Sofia, 08.06.2017

8 Jun 2017, On the official ceremony on June, 5th 2017 the finalists at the international programming contest CodeIT season 2016-2017 were announced. The contest organized.


Excitement and emotions in CodeIT Fourth Round - Sprint

София, 27.02.2017

Second sprint for the participants and the fourth round at CodeIT 2016/2017. Only a few hours to resolve the tasks. What is easy for one, proved to be difficult for others which led.


Festive round with winner Encho Mishinev

София, 16.01.2017

CodeIT third round - Marathon started on December 16th. Stamen Kochkov, Chairman of the Board of Bascom welcomed the participants of CodeIT. The amazing final results of Encho Mishi.


Dynamic Sprint in CodeIT Second Round

София, 09.12.2016

On December 3rd from 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. CodeIT participants sprinted with the second task in this year's contest. Heavy challenges and unexpected twists after the final testing. .


First round winners of CodeIT 2016/2017

София, 11.11.2016

On October 14th at 8:00p.m. the official start of CodeIT 2016/2017was launched. In the first round - Marathon participants faced a challenging task which had to be solved before Nov.


On 14 October starts the new season of the competition CodeIT

София, 29.09.2016

On 14 October (Friday) at 8pm we launch the new season of the programing competition CodeIT 2016-2017. It will welcome you with its new fluffy friends – the pandas! Traditiona.

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