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Agenda and keynote speaker for MUFFIN Conference 2017 announced

София, 03.10.2017

Musala Soft announced the agenda and keynote speaker for the technology, innovations and soft skills MUFFIN Conference 2017. The forum will take place on October 14th , 2017 at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (1 Hristo Smirnenski Blvd., 1164 Sofia).

MUFFIN is an annual conference organized by Musala Soft. Hundreds of software engineers, IT professionals and some of the best speakers in the area of technology innovations, trends, processes and soft skills gather at the event every year.

The keynote speaker that will open MUFFIN 2017 in Sofia is Norbert Kouwenhoven, member of IBM´s Global Trade Digitisation Team and Solutions Leader for IBM EU in the area of Customs, Immigration and Border Management. He will present about blockchain and the latest in Global Trade Digitisation.

Some of the best experts of Musala Soft in the areas of Front-End Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Business Analysis and Soft Skills will be speaking at MUFFIN 2017. The full agenda of the event can be found at: https://muffin.musala.com/events. The access to the event is free with online registration at the website.

News about MUFFIN 2017 and video announcements of the presentations can be found at the Facebook page of the conference: Facebook/Muffin Conference.

Confirmed partners of the conference this year so far are: Beefeater, 3bourbons, Stolichno, BMW, Жанет45, AMG Publishing, Grand Optics, Joy Optics and ZEISS Experience Center, PARACHUTE-ka, RAM Bikes, Skyvision, Real life, Karilax massages, WoW Gadgets Shop, Kahuna Creations, Olives City Hotel, Musala Food Company and Бургери на пътя. All guests can expect friendly atmosphere and lots of gifts and surprises, provided by the partners of the event.

MUFFIN Conference was held for the first time in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2012 as an internal technology conference of Musala Soft where experts from the company shared their experience from using different technologies in versatile projects. In 2014, MUFFIN Conference was open for external visitors and since then the event has gathered 3,000+ guests and 130+ speakers. By now, MUFFIN Conference has gone beyond Bulgaria so that our expert knowledge and enthusiasm have started to spread across borders to neighboring countries – Macedonia and Serbia.

MUFFIN Conference Skopje will be held on October 28th: https://goo.gl/ff4b9W


Register for free: https://goo.gl/QKziMt