Финалът на CodeIT сезон 2023/2024 ще се проведе присъствено в София на 2-3 юни. Очаквайте подробности.

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Patron of the Second Round of CodeIT it is now confirmed

София, 07.11.2017

With a huge excitement, the Rector of the Technical University of Sofia, Prof. D. Sc. Eng Georgi Mihov accepted the invitation to become a patron of the Second Round (Sprint) of CodeIT.

Prof. Mihov is an Engineer in Radioelectronics, Professor in Digital Circuit Engineering. He has graduatedthe Technical University of Sofia with a Diploma in Electronic Technology, specialized in Electronic Nuclear and Medical Instrument Engineering. The main areas of his teaching and scientific activity are: digital electronics, microprocessor circuit technology, diagnostics of digital electronic devices, industrial controllers and control systems.


The Technical University of Sofia is the largest educational and scientific complex in Bulgaria in the field of technical and applied science. As the first and largest polytechnic center, which supported the establishment of most of the higher technical colleges in the country, it sets the educational standards and national priorities for the development of engineering education and science.