Временно класиране след кръг 4
1.Boris Mihov235
2.Душко Обрадовић210
3.Nemanja Majski181


Third Round of CodeIT is over, final ranking is announced

София, 03.02.2018

Third Round (Marathon) of CodeIT took place from December 29th to January 19th. After the mandatory contestation period, the final ranking was announced.


In the general ranking, first place is for the Serbian contestant Dushko Obradovich. Second position is for Antoniya Petrova from Bankya, Bulgaria which is first time in Top 3 for her in the current season of CodeIT. Third in the general ranking is Victor Lucic from Serbia.


In the junior ranking, the gold medalist of the first European Junior Olympiad in Informatics eJOI and a silver medalist of theIXth International Autumn Contest in Informatics in Shumen Martin Kopchev from Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Second among the juniors is the bronze medalist of eJOI Victor Kozhuharov from Ruse and third position is for Victor Mihaylov from Sofia.  



The date for the 4thRound (Sprint) will be announced very soon. Patron of the round will be the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.