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Award ceremony of the winners in the International Programming Contest CodeIT 2017/18 by Musala Soft

София, 04.06.2018


Sofia, 04.06.2018

At an official ceremony at the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria on June 4th, the winners in the 18th International Programing Contest CodeIT Season 2017-2018 were awarded and acknowledged. The contest was held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev.

The winner in the general ranking is the 15-years old Martin Kopchev from Gabrovo. Second is Victor Terziev from Sofia and third is Todor Bonchev from Vratsa.

Martin Kopchev is in the 8th grade at PMG “Acad. Ivan Gjuzelev” in the city of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. He has been doing competitive Mathematics since 2010, and has participated in Informatics contests and olympiads since 2013. In 2017 and 2018, he has been in national and international competitions and won numerous prizes and medals. In 2017, he was the only Bulgarian participant who qualified for two national teams – the Informatics team (Team A, Captain of the team) and Mathematics (Team B) for school students aged up to 15,5 years. He has tens of national and international prizes and medals, including a gold medal from the first European Junior Olympiad in Informatics eJOI (Sofia, September 2017), gold medal (shared) with a second result from XI Junior Balkan Olympiad in Informatics for school students aged up to 15,5 years, a silver medal (shared) from XII Open Moscow Olympiad in Informatics (Moscow, March 2018) and many more.

In the junior ranking, first place was for Blagojce Pavleski from Prilep, Macedonia. Second was Victor Kozhuharov from Ruse and third was Dorijan Lendvaj from Popovaca, Croatia.

In his speech addressing the finalists in the International Programming Contest CodeIT 2018, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev said: “The future of our economy is in high technologies and they are based on digital technologies and Informatics. That is why our hope is with you”. He expressed his gratitude to the organizers from Musala Soft, as well as to the partners and friends of the contest and added: “I wish to the CodeIT Contest, supported by all of you, to grow in number of participants, to be even more successful, to attract more young people, to widen the field of knowledge in which you compete, to contribute to a higher level of education and science in Bulgaria and the Balkans.“

The event was attended by high-level representatives of government and academic institutions, NGOs in the area of IT, sponsors and partners.

“The International Programming Contest CodeIT again gathered brilliant minds in competitive programming. This is one of the longest lasting initiatives of Musala Soft and we are proud that again we received the support from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, from the most elite educational and academic institutions, from the business and the NGO sectors. We are confident that our finalists will be among the future leaders in the software industry and are happy to be part of their way to the top”, said Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft.


General ranking of the 12 finalists Season 2017-2018:


1st place: Martin Kopchev (Gabrovo, Bulgaria) – 8th grade in PMG “Acad. Ivan Gjuzelev”, Gabrovo


2nd place: Victor Terziev (Sofia, Bulgaria) – 12th grade at Sofia High School of Mathematics “Paisij Hilendarski”


3rd place: Todor Bonchev (Vratsa, Bulgaria) – Software Developer in an international company


4th place: Aleksa Plavšić (Kragujevac, Serbia) – 2nd year student at the Rachunarski Fakultet in Belgrade, Serbia


5th place: Radoslav Dimitrov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) – High School of Mathematics „Acad. K. Popov“, Plovdiv


6th place: Emil Indzhev (Ruse, Bulgaria) – 12th grade at PMG “Baba Tonka”, Ruse


7th place: Stanislav Nikolov (Sofia, Bulgaria) – 10th grade at Sofia High School of Mathematics “Paisij Hilendarski”


8th place: Victor Lucic (Sombor, Serbia) – 11th grade at High School “Veliko Petrovic” in Sombor


9th place: Vilim Lendvaj (Popovaca, Croatia) – 4th year at XV High School in Zagreb, Croatia


10th place: Dushko Оbradovich (Sombor, Serbia) – teacher at the High School of Sombor


11th place: Petar Nyagolov (Ruse, Bulgaria) – 11th grade in PMG “Baba Tonka”, Ruse


12th place: Antani Gospodinov (Yambol, Bulgaria) – 10th grade at the Natural Sciences and Mathematics High School “Atanas Radev”


Ranking CodeIT Junior 2017/2018:


1st place: Blagojce Pavleski (Prilep, Macedonia) – High School „Kire Gavriloski-Jane”, Prilep


2nd place: Victor Kozhuharov (Ruse, Bulgaria) – 9th grade at PMG “Baba Tonka”, Ruse


3rd place: Dorijan Lendvaj (Popovaca, Croatia) – 8th grade at the Elementary School of Popovaca


4th place: Georgi Petkov (Sofia, Bulgaria) – 8th grade at Sofia High School of Mathematics “Paisij Hilendarski”


5th place: Rumen Mihov (Yambol, Bulgaria) – 8th grade at the Natural Sciences and Mathematics High School “Atanas Radev”


The final round of CodeIT 2018 was held on June 3rd (Sunday) between 12:30h and 17:30h in Sofia. The participants were shortlisted among the contestants who achieved best results in the six preliminary (online) rounds held in the period October 2017 – May 2018.

Traditionally, every year the finalists in the International Programming Contest CodeIT have the opportunity to meet a guru of competitive programming. Special guest this year was Ivan Katanich from Croatia. He has participated in many informatics competitions and olympiads and won multiple medals, including a gold medal from IOI and two silver medals from ACM ICPC. He had a lecture with the finalists and discussed with them everything they were interested to learn about competitive programming. Katanich is working with the National Informatics team of Croatia and is preparing contest tasks.

Musala Soft is deeply grateful for the support to the President Institution in the face of CodeIT 2018 final round patron – the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev. The company highly appreciates the support of the hosts of CodeIT Award Ceremony – the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria and the host of the final round Interpred – World Trade Center Sofia.

The organizers are grateful to the patrons of the six preliminary rounds of CodeIT 2018:
I Round: Prof. Krassimir Manev, President of the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (eJOI) and honorary chair of the jury of CodeIT and Dr. Sci. Habil. Prof. Alexander Tormasov, Rector of Innopolis University, Russia
II Round:  Prof. D. Sc. Eng. Georgi Mihov, Rector of Technical University of Sofia
III Round: Prof. D. Sc. Anastas Gerdzhikov, Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
IV Round: Acad. Julian Revalski, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
V Round: Dr. Steven Sullivan, President of the American University in Bulgaria
VI Round: Eng. Ivan Totev, Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality


Musala Soft is thankful to all organizers, patrons and sponsors of the International Programming Contest CodeIT Season 2017-2018: American Foundation for Bulgaria, AMG Publishing, Area 52 Trampoline Park, ASBIS, ATG – Offical dealer of Samsonite, Brother, Cartridge.BG, Ciela, Colliers, Edoardo Miroglio, ERP, JOY Optics, Grand Optics, ZEISS VISION CENTER, Lufthnasa, Park Hotel MOSKVA, Prestigio, Rapido, Ubisoft, WEBIT, WоW Gadgets Shop.