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Two first places on the finale of CodeIT 2018-2019

София, 04.06.2019

04.06.2019г., Sofia.

At the official ceremony of CodeIT 2018/2019 at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” were awarded the winners in the 19th edition of the International Programming Contest CodeIT.bg, Season 2018-2019 (http://codeit.bg/). The competition is organized by the software company Musala Soft under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Roumen Radev.


Traditionally, the oldest private programming contest in the world gathered some of the most brilliant young talents in Sofia. More than 200 contestants from 17 countries, including Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, North Macedonia, Egypt, India, the Republic of South Africa, Iran, Russia, and others, participated in this season. Twelve from the regular and 5 from the junior ranking made it to the finale of CodeIT 2018-2019.


For the first year, the competition finished with two winners – Martin Kopchev, 9th grade at PMG”Acad. Ivan Gyozelev”, Gabrovo and Antani Gospodinov, 11th grade at PMG “Atanas Radev” and School for Informatics “Shikovi”, Yambol. Certificates and prizes for all the finalists were awarded by academic, institutional and business partners of the competition. The winners were awarded from Krasimir Manev - honory chairman of the jury in the competition, one of the leading figures in IT culture in Bulgaria and around the world and one of the founders of eJOI - European Junior Olympiad in Informatics


Elena Marinova, President of Musala Soft and host of the ceremony said: "CodeIT is part of Musala Soft's consistent policy of investing in education. The contest has traditions in Bulgaria and is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. To meet the most talented people in competitive programming, for us our partners is a true inspiration. We are happy to be part of their development as future world technological leaders. "


 Every year, the finalists in the International CodeIT Programming Contest have the opportunity to meet a well-known guru of competitive  programming. Our special guest this year was Scott Wu from USA,who studied at “Harvard”, a triple gold medalist at the IOI, and in 2014 he was on the first place at the Olympiad. Scott Wu awarded the winner of CodeIT in junior ranking.



General ranking of the 12 finalists Season 2018-2019:

1st place: Martin Kopchev (Gabrovo, Bulgaria)

1st place: Antani Gospodinov, (Yambol, Bulgaria)  

3rd place: Aleksa Plavsic (Kragujevac, Serbia)

4th place: Dushko Obradovic (Sombor, Serbia)

5th place: Ivo Karagyozov (Varna, Bulgaria)

6th place: Viktor Kozhuharov (Ruse, Bulgaria)

7th place: Viktor Lucic (Sombor, Serbia)  

8th place: Daniel Danailov (Yambol, Bulgaria)

9th place: Andrii Orap (Kremenchug, Ukraine)  

10th place: Rumen Mihov (Yambol, Bulgaria)

11th place: Andon Todorov (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria)  

12th place: Slavi Georgiev (Ruse, Bulgaria)  


Ranking CodeIT Junior 2018-2019:

1st place: Yuliyan Slavcev (Sofia, Bulgaria)

2nd place: Krastan Draganov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

3rd place: Nemanja Mayski (Sombor, Serbia)

4th place: Deniz Poturliev (Pleven, Bulgaria)

5th place:Atanas Dimitrov (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Special thanks to our patrons, partners, sponsors and friends who provided the awards and supported us for the realization of CodeIT 2018-2019:


University of RuseAngel Kancev”, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty for mathematics and informatics, Technical Univeristy – Sofia and Faculty for Computer systems and technology, American University in Bulgaria, Bulgarian academy for science and Institute for mathematics and informatics, School “A&B” – Shumen and School for programming “Shikovi” – Yambol, Sofia Municipality, Fondation “Mino Balkanski”, ASBIS and Prestigio, AMG Publishing, Area 52 Trampoline Park and Colliers, Brother, Vagon, Ciela, Samsonite, Winery Edoardо Miroglio, ERP and ERP Academy, JOY Optics, Grand Optics и ZEISSVISION CENTER, Leanplum, Premier Luxury Mountain Resort (Bansko), Park Hotel МОСКВА, Rapido, Spord Depo, Samsonite, Silver Star and Mercedes-Benz , Ubisoft, Freckles, Az moga tuk i sega. 


Special thanks to the hosts of the competitions World Trade Center - Interpred and the hosts of the award ceremony - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".