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CodeIT 2020/2021 Team

Sofia, 10.12.2020

We present to you the amazing team, responsible for the organization of the 21st season of the International Programming Contest CodeIT by Musala Soft.

Andon Todorov is in the 11th grade in Sofia Highschool of Mathematics “Paisiy Hilendarski”. A rock fan and a drummer, he is positioned in the top rankings in national and international Informatics competitions. Andon holds a silver medal from IOI 2020 and is among the recognized in the 2020 John Atanassov Award of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Angel Georgiev is a Technical Training Lead at Musala Soft, a teacher in Informatics and a Co-Founder of Знам.бе. His mission is to make education more interesting and the development of talent - focused and fun.

Dobrin Bashev is in the 12th grade in the High School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Acad. Ivan Gyuzelev" in Gabrovo. He loves going on adventures in Stara Planina and enjoys the magical world of Harry Potter. One of his biggest accomplishments is the silver medal in eJOI 2017, and apart from solving algorithmic problems, he is interested in creating them as well.