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Ruse University and Ruse Highschool are partners in the IV Round of CodeIT

София, 25.02.2021

The first Sunday of March, March 7, 2021, will be held the IV round of the International programming competition CodeIT, organized by Musala Soft. Patrons of the forthcoming round will be Prof. Hristo Beloev, Rector of the University "Angel Kanchev", Ruse and Galina Bobeva, Principal of the Mathematics Highschool "Baba Tonka", Ruse, Bulgaria.

"It is an honour and pleasure for me to congratulate you for the successful organization and conduction of the 21st edition of the International Programming Contest CodeIT - season 2020/2021. Ruse University, which is a long-standing partner of the organizational team, actively works to realize the effective collaboration between educational institutions and the business.
Dear young people, your knowledge is highly impressive and charges us with optimism that with joint efforts we will continue to foster the thirst for success and professional development. Believe in yourselves, follow your dreams and accept challenges with a smile!" – Prof. Hristo Beloev, greets the competitors.

"I wholeheartedly welcome all participants and wish you to develop even further your abilities and your way of thinking to achieve high results, and to be guided by your passion for technologies and programming in order to improve life around us." – shared with us Galina Bobeva.

All participants with non-zero result will receive a T-shirt with this season’s vision. After the raffle, the special prizes from the competition’s partners Cougar and Prestigio, and from the organizers Musala Soft, go to: Maria Nikodimova (Sofia) - computer keyboard, Rumen Mihov (Yambol) - computer mouse, Veselin Markovic (Varna) - CodeIT sweatshirt.