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IT schools from Shumen and Yambol are partners of the 6th round of CodeIT

София, 18.05.2021


On May 23, Sunday, the sixth and last round before the grand final of the International programming competition CodeIT will be held. Patrons of the upcoming SPRINT round are the School of Informatics “Shikovi”, Yambol, and the School of Informatics “A&B”, Shumen. The sixth round will determine the 12 finalists in the main ranking and the 5 Junior finalists, who will proceed to the grand final.




Many of our alumni have also taken part in the organization of this prestigious competition - Petar Ivanov, Georgi Georgiev, Ivaylo and Anton Chernevi. Our partnership with Musala Soft dates to the creation of the company and we welcome their policy of supporting the preparation of the future developers! I wish the participants in the competition a successful performance, but above all – have fun fighting the difficult tasks and let the best ones win!– welcomed the competitors Biserka Yovcheva, founder and director of the “A&B” School of Informatics, Shumen.




Solving problems means looking for a way out of a complicated situation or a path to overcome obstacles. It is a process of achieving a goal which initially looks hard to reach. Solving problems is a specific intellectual faculty, and the intellect itself is a specific gift of man. (…) I wish success to the competitors and the organizers in the sixth round of CodeIT, 2021!” – shared Rusko Shikov, head of the “Shikovi” School of Informatics, Yambol.




The ranking from the previous fifth round is: Viktor Kozhuharov (Ruse) - I place, Emil Indzhev (Ruse) - II place and Nemanja Majski (Sombor, Serbia) - III place.


The special prizes in this round from our partners Cougar and Prestigio go to Atanas Dimitrov (Sofia), Rumen Mihov (Yambol), Emil Indzhev (Ruse).




The upcoming sixth round is of SPRINT type – it will take place on 23.05 (Sunday), starting at 14:00 and ending at 17:00. The competitors in the main and Junior rankings will have three hours to solve a number of problems of varying difficulty.The rankings from all rounds, news and all current information about the competition can be found on the website www.codeit.bg and in Facebook / CodeIT.BG -  https://goo.gl/GVrULo.