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The participants in the 2020/2021 CodeIT final are now known

София, 03.06.2021


The top 12 contestants in the main ranking of the international programming competition CodeIT and the top 5 in the juniors ranking, who will be taking part in the big CodeIT final, are now known. The ceremony to announce the results and give the awards will be held online, hosted by Musala Soft and with the special participation of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev.



The finalists in the main ranking are (in alphabetical order): Aleksandar Gubica, Anton Anastasov, Atanas Dimitrov, Blagojce Pavleski, Vedran Bajic, Viktor Kozhuharov, Deyan Hadzhi-Manich,Emil Indzhev, Encho Mishinev, Martin Kopchev, Nemanja Majski, Rumen Mihov. The finalists in the juniors ranking (top 5) are Boris Angelov, Veselin Markovich, Georgi Iliev, Daniel Koynov, Mihail Mihalev.  



After the final, the participants will meet an inspiring IT guru, as per tradition. This year that is Rumen Hristov (Bulgaria) – all-time fifth in the world in the world ranking of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).



The participants in the final are determined based on the competition’s rules – the four highest ranked in the 3 SPRINT rounds and the four with the highest scores from the 3 MARATHON rounds. The remaining 6 spots are assigned based on the number of points, scored in all the rounds.


The leading places in the last (sixth) round before the final are for Martin Kopchev – I place, Encho Mishinev – II place and Blagojce Pavleski– III place.


The special prizes in this round from the competition’s partners Cougar and Prestigio go to Georgi Iliev, Martin Kopchev and Viktor Kozhuharov.