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Awards, rankings and women's participation in the top 3 of CodeIT, Round IV

Sofia, 05.04.2022

Round IV of season 2021/2022 of the International programming competition CodeIT, organized by Musala Soft, has concluded. Thanks to our partners - Galina Bobeva, Principal of the High School of Mathematics "Baba Tonka", Ruse and COR MEM Prof. Hristo Beloev, DTSc DHC mult. Rector of the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse.


Top 3 in the Ranking for round IV are:

1. Martin Kopchev – Gabrovo (Bulgaria)

2. Georgi Petkov – Sofia (Bulgaria)

3. Viktor Kozhuharov – Ruse (Bulgaria)


Congratulations to Nermin Idiriz from Shumen (Bulgaria) – she is in the top three in the Junior ranking of round IV. She is the fourth girl in the history of the contest who reached a leading position in the rankings.


Top 3 in Junior Ranking for round IV are:

1. Martin Nedev – Haskovo (Bulgaria)

2. Boris Angelov – Sofia (Bulgaria)

3. Nermin Idiriz – Shumen (Bulgaria)


After the raffle the special prizes from the competition’s partners Cougar and Prestigio, and from the organizer Musala Soft, go to: Mihail Mihalev, Gabrovo – a computer keyboard; Yavor Vasilev, Shumen – a computer mouse; Vladislav Kostov, Shumen – a CodeIT sweatshirt. All prizes will reach the winners thanks to our partners from Speedy courier services. All participants with non-zero result can expect a T-shirt with this season's design.


The ranking for all rounds, news and any current information about the competition can be found on the website www.codeit.bg and on Facebook / CodeIT.BG - https://goo.gl/GVrULo