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Ranking, prizes and the first finalists after V round

София, 16.05.2022

We have the final ranking and winners from Round V of the international programming contest CodeIT, organized by Musala Soft, as well as the names of the first four participants who qualify for the final. Round V is the second-to-last round for the contestants, and Round VI (Sprint), which will be coming up on May 21st, will determine the remaining qualifiers for the big final in June.

TOP 3 in the general ranking of Round V are:

1. Anton Anastasov - Haskovo, Bulgaria
2. Dusko Obradovic - Sombor, Serbia
3. Nemanja Majski - Sombor, Serbia

We are proud of Nermin Idiriz, a contestant from "A&B" IT School - Shumen, who is the first female participant in the history of the tournament winning first place in a round.

TOP 3 in the junior ranking of Round V are:

1. Nermin Idiriz - Shumen, Bulgaria
2. Luka Terzin - Sombor, Serbia
3. Borko Rajkovaca - Sombor, Serbia

The first four contestants who qualify for the final are: Emil Indzhev - Ruse, Bulgaria; Dusko Obradovic - Sombor, Serbia; Anton Anastasov - Haskovo, Bulgaria; Nemanja Majski - Sombor, Serbia. These are the contestants who scored the most points in the MARATHON rounds during the season.

The prizes from the raffle after Round V, generously provided by our partners Cougar and Prestigio, go to: Pesut Milos, Sombor, Serbia - a computer keyboard; Aleksa Cvetković, Sombor, Serbia - a computer mouse; Lazar Kostic, Sombor, Serbia - a sweatshirt with CodeIT branding. All prizes will reach the winners thanks to our partners from Speedy courier services. All participants with non-zero result can expect a T-shirt with this season's design.

Round V was conducted under the patronage of our partners from the city of Burgas: Sonya Dimova, Principle of School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov"; Dimitrina Todorova, Principle of The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation; Prof. Dr. Sotir Sotirov, Deputy-rector on international collaboration and post-graduation qualification in University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov".

The ranking for all rounds, news and any current information about the competition can be found on the website www.codeit.bg and on Facebook/ CodeIT.BG - https://goo.gl/GVrULo.