Временно класиране след кръг 5
1.Душко Обрадовић295
2.Boris Mihov235
3.Filip Repman193


The finalists and the ranking after Round VI

София, 31.05.2022

It is time to announce the names of the contestants who qualify for the Final of CodeIT 2021/2022, organized by Musala Soft.

The 12 finalists from the senior track are:

Emil Indzhev, Ruse, Bulgaria
Dusko Obradovic, Sombor, Serbia
Anton Anastasov, Haskovo, Bulgaria
Nemanja Majski, Sombor, Serbia
Martin Kopchev, Gabrobo, Bulgaria
Georgi Petkov, Sofia, Bulgaria
Dobrin Bashev, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Veselin Georgiev, Sofia, Bulgaria
Viktor Kozhuharov, Ruse, Bulgaria
Aleksandar Gubica, Sombor, Serbia
Andon Todorov, Sofia, Bulgaria
Rumen Mihov, Yambol, Bulgaria

The TOP 5 finalists from the junior track are:

Mihail Mihalev, Gabrobo, Bulgaria
Nermin Idiriz, Shumen, Bulgaria
Martin Nedev, Haskovo, Bulgaria
Simona Hristova, Shumen, Bulgaria
Boris Angelov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Congrats to the finalists!

The ranking in the senior track from the last virtual Round VI (SPRINT) is:

1. Dobrin Bashev, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2. Martin Kopchev, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
3. Veselin Georgiev, Sofia, Bulgaria

TOP 3 in the junior track from Round VI are:

1. Mihail Mihalev, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2. Simona Hristova, Shumen, Bulgaria
3. Liliya Teodosheva, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The special prizes from the raffle after Round 6 provided by our partners from Cougar and Prestigio go to: Ivan Mitovski, Plovdiv - a computer keyboard; Niya Dimitrova, Shumen - a computer mouse; Mihail Mihalev, Gabrovo - a CodeIT sweatshirt. All prizes will reach the winners thanks to our partners from Speedy courier services. All participants with non-zero result can expect a T-shirt with this season's design.

Round VI was conducted under the patronage of Biserka Yovcheva, director of "A&B" IT School, and Rusko Shikov, director of "Shikovi" IT School – Yambol and owner/manager of OPCO Sys Ltd.

The ranking for all rounds, news and any current information about the competition can be found on the website www.codeit.bg and on Facebook/ CodeIT.BG - https://goo.gl/GVrULo.