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Winners from the first round of CodeIT

София, 27.11.2023

After an intensive first round, the software company Musala Soft proudly announces the first results of its international competitive programming competition CodeIT.

Participants from several countries took part in the first round of the Marathon type. The IT talents will continue to participate in the following rounds, competing for prestigious awards and a place in the final in Sofia.

Top 3 winners:
1. Duško Obradović - Sombor, Serbia
2. Viktor Kozhuharov - Ruse, Bulgaria
3. Martin Kopchev - Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Top 3 Juniors:
1. Nikolay Valchanov - Shumen, Bulgaria
2. Denis Manev - Gabrovo, Bulgaria
3. Nikolay Hristov - Sofia, Bulgaria

Winners from the prize draw, provided by the competition sponsors Ubisoft Sofia, Cougar, and Prestigio, as well as the organizers:
1. Denitsa Yankova - Shumen, Bulgaria
2. Mihajlo Vukelić - Sombor, Serbia
3. Luka Terzin - Sombor, Serbia
4. Nikolay Kostov - Sofia, Bulgaria
5. Mihail Mihalev - Gabrovo, Bulgaria

The second round is of the Sprint type and will take place on December 16, 2023 (Saturday). Patrons of the round are:
• Prof. Ivan Kralov, DSc - Rector of Technical University - Sofia
• Prof. Ognyan Nakov, PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies at the Technical University – Sofia;
• Prof. Nikolay Nikolov, MD – Corresponding Member and Chairman of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria;
• Ivaylo Ushagelov - Director of National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Acad. Lubomir Chakalov"

For more information about CodeIT 2023/2024 and upcoming rounds of the competition, please visit https://codeit.bg/eng.