Финалът на CodeIT сезон 2023/2024 ще се проведе присъствено в София на 2-3 юни. Очаквайте подробности.

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Talents from Bulgaria and Serbia at the top after the 5th round of CodeIT

София, 12.04.2024

The 5th round of the international programming competition CodeIT has successfully concluded. Once again, competitors from various countries tested their knowledge, and the winners are from Bulgaria and Serbia.

The intense battle for the leading positions and a place in the final in Sofia continues. There is one round left until the determination of the winners during a special ceremony. Here is the ranking for the 5th round:

Top 3:
1. Hristo Hristov - Sofia, Bulgaria
2. Dushko Obradovich - Sombor, Serbia
3. Filip Repman - Sombor, Serbia

Top 3 in the youth ranking:
1. Nikolay Hristov - Sofia, Bulgaria
2. Denislav Manev - Gabrovo, Bulgaria
3. Nikola Manolov - Haskovo, Bulgaria

Congratulations to the participants drawn in the raffle, who won great prizes from Musala Soft and our esteemed sponsors - Ubisoft Sofia and Canyon:
- Stefan Bosnić - Ćervenka, Serbia
- Boris Dachev - Sofia, Bulgaria
- Radoslav Dimitrov - Targovishte, Bulgaria
- Serkan Rashid - Shumen, Bulgaria
- Petar Trbojevic - Sombor, Serbia

The next round will be a Sprint and will take place on April 28, 2024 (Sunday). Patrons for this round will be:
• Bisserka Yovcheva - founder of "A&B" school
• Rusko Shikov - founder of "Shikovi" school
• Iliyan Yordanov - founder of "Olympians" school