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CodeIT has a New Grader

София, 26.04.2024

The CodeIT Team is proud to announce that the competition officially has a New Grader. The grader is the program which tests each contestant’s submissions and assigns them a final score.

The new Grader already performed successfully in the first five rounds of this season. Among its many improvements there are two which we would like to pay special attention to. For the first time ever the grader runs the submissions in isolation using Docker containers. This is a very important achievement with respect to security because it guarantees the stability of the CodeIT platform. Second, the team implemented executions in parallel, which significantly improves the performance of the grader without sacrificing the correctness of the score. For example - the first round of this season was graded for 1.5 hours with the new grader, while the same work took almost 7 hours with the old grader.

The team has added more improvements to the system which will make it easier to develop and enhance the grader in the future. This will help make the competition reach out to more participants, which is also one of CodeIT's goals.

We wish good luck to all participants in the tournament and we hope that each of you can feel the improvements the new Grader brings.

If you have ideas, complaints or other feedback, you could share it with us at info@codeit.bg

CodeIT Team