Финалът на CodeIT сезон 2023/2024 ще се проведе присъствено в София на 2-3 юни. Очаквайте подробности.

Временно класиране след кръг 6
1.Boris Mihov335
2.Душко Обрадовић295
3.Христо Христов201


Prof. Ognyan Nakov awarded the winners of round IV

Sofia, 16.04.2014

Professor Ognjan Nakov and Vladislav Haralampiev, second in Round IV

Unconditional winner in round IV is Anton Raichuk from Zurich, in second place is Vladislav Haralampiev from Sofia and third is Alexander Georgiev, a long-standing competitor from Sofia. “In the past couple of years programming was a first choice to almost 70% of prospect students. Besides university, “training camps” like the programming competition CodeIT are of great use to a software engineer’s schooling. The inclusion of international competitors this season and the variety of tasks, available to younger competitors, contributes to the better preparation of the participants and to promote informatics on a larger scale in our country” – shared prof. Ognyan Nakov at the awarding ceremony.