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On 14 October starts the new season of the competition CodeIT

София, 29.09.2016

On 14 October (Friday) at 8pm we launch the new season of the programing competition CodeIT 2016-2017. It will welcome you with its new fluffy friends – the pandas! Traditionally, the season includes six online rounds (three marathons and three sprints) and a final in Sofia. The upcoming first marathon will last three weeks. The competitors will find one problem and they will be able to think out and improve their solutions during the whole round.


What to expect in CodeIT 2016-2017:

·        •   Non-zero score will bring you a T-shirt with our new panda-theme;

·         •   A present – sweatshirt, will pleasantly surprise one random participant with non-zero score;

·         •   The final will meet you with the IT guru guest of the year;

·         •   Various sponsors and prizes;

·         •   NEW! We bring more style to your names with new colors according your rating;

·         •   Improved functionality of the notifications in the site.


The 12 best participants of the season reach the big final. The final round and the awards ceremony are held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The chief representative of the competition jury is Krasimir Manev, President of the "International Olympiad in Informatics" /IOI/ and a chairman of the initiative committee of the First european junior olympiad in informatics, Bulgaria 2017.


You can find more information on codeit.bg or on Facebook/CodeIT