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First round winners of CodeIT 2016/2017

София, 11.11.2016

Ivaylo Strandjev, first place in the ranking of Round 1 "Marathon", Martin Kopchev, first place in the junior ranking of Round 1 "Marathon"

On October 14th at 8:00p.m. the official start of CodeIT 2016/2017was launched. In the first round - Marathon participants faced a challenging task which had to be solved before November 4th. The first round was under the patronage of Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. After the turbulent start of the season and the close results of the top contestants, the first three places were taken by Ivaylo Strandjev with 100 points, Stanislav Ivanov with 85 points and Alexander Radoslavov with 70 points. Martin Kopchev leads in the junior category of the competition, followed by Victor Kozhuharov and Tsvetoslav Mavrodiev. Competitors will continue with the challenges in the second round - Sprint, starting December 3rd.