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Excitement and emotions in CodeIT Fourth Round - Sprint

София, 27.02.2017

Petar Nyagolov, Alexander Georgiev and Radoslav Dimitrov - leaders in the ranking of Round 4 "Sprint"

Second sprint for the participants and the fourth round at CodeIT 2016/2017. Only a few hours to resolve the tasks. What is easy for one, proved to be difficult for others which led to interesting results. CodeIT fourth round was under the patronage of Technical University - Sofia. Prof. Dr. Engineer Daniela Gotseva, Dean of the Facility of Computer Systems and Technologies, motivated participants with the words "Inspired and curious competitors, learn, be explorers! Only with interest in knowledge, we can create successful today and tomorrow. " The top three contestants are Peter Nyagolov, Alexander Georgiev and Radoslav Dimitrov. Among juniors Martin Kopchev is with 100 points, Stoyan Malinin with 85 and Marin Yordanov with 70 points.

Good luck to all CodeIT participants in the upcoming Round 5 - Marathon! The great final is coming soon. :)