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"Welcome to CodeIT - the newest challenge for all fans of programming competitions!

CodeIT is the national programming contest of Bulgaria, which unites the IT talents of all ages for over 12 years. In 2011, the competition adopted a new format in which every season is divided into two types of rounds - sprint and marathon. There are six online rounds, with each round including different types of tasks.

The best performing contestants will be invited to an onsite final round, held in Sofia in the beggining of the summer. There they will meet with a world-famous guru in the field of informatics.

The competition is organized by Musala Soft and brings you - the young talents in programming - together by challenging your coding and algorithm developing skills. I wish all participants good luck! "

Elena Marinova
President of Musala Soft

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CodeIt is the most elite private national informatics competition in Bulgaria. The competition is held annually in 6 rounds without attendance and a final attendance round with the partnership of companies, non-governmental organizations, IT associations and leading educational institutions in Bulgaria. To the big final will go the best twelve competitors through the season. The final round and the awarding of the participants in the competition is organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • Marathon: The 'Marathon' rounds are longer, required more thinking and the tasks usually cannot be solved optimally.
  • Sprint: The 'Sprint' rounds are short (3-5 hours) and consist of several algorithmic problems that can be solved optimally.

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The CodeIT final
was made possible thanks to:

Microsoft BASSCOM


American foundation for Bulgaria brother


ESMIS Infragistics

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The twelve CodeIT finalists

will meet Petr Mitrichev - Russian algorithm competitor who won vast number of international algorithmic programming competitions. Since 2005 he has always been in top 5 of TopCoder ranking with most of the time being the best. He authors famous algorithm-related blog. He currently works at Google, where he works on improving the search engine and helps to prepare Code Jam.


The Award for the winner

in the final round will be to get the opportunity to come to pass one of their adventurous dreams.


All contestants

with non-zero score will receive a CodeIT T-shirt:-)

Embrace the Challenge!

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