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1. 100
2. 85
3. 70
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Third round Marathon

Round time

Start: 18.12.2015 / 20:00 h.
End: 08.1.2016 / 20:00 h.


It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome all participants, on behalf of BASSCOM, in this season’s edition of the international programming competition CodeIT.
We are happy that with Musala Soft’s help the competition has become a sustainable tradition for discovering and promoting talents in the field of information technologies and programming.
As you know, the software branch marks a two digit growth and helps actively on positioning Bulgaria as a technological hub for the region, where IT companies create and export products and services worldwide with a high added value.
If we want this accelerated growth to continue it is imperative to support the industry with quality specialists and talents.
Therefore we are happy with the increasing numbers of participants in the competition and we hope that more and more youngsters will seek realization in this perspective sector of economy.

Stamen Kotchkov,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of BASSCOM

Patron of the round - BASSCOM