Sixth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 12.5.2018 / 16:00 h.
End: 12.5.2018 / 19:00 h.


As a Mayor of the City of Plovdiv, I am happy to welcome all participants to this year`s International Programming Contest CodeIT. The profession of the programmer is very important and key for the development of the whole IT sector in Bulgaria. As an engineer by educational background, I am well aware of the importance of polishing the skills of young talents and the great added value that they bring to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to the modernization of a city like Plovdiv and to the whole region. International contests like CodeIT are a wonderful opportunity to create a critical mass of young programmers and to increase their competence level putting them into an international competitive environment. The IT sector has been among the main priorities in the governance of the city of Plovdiv in the past 6 years and such initiatives have an exceptionally good influence on the development of the local IT community. To all contest participants I wish good luck, positive emotions and let the best win!

Eng. Ivan Totev,
Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality

Patron of the round - Eng. Ivan Totev, Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality