Временно класиране след кръг 5
1.Душко Обрадовић295
2.Boris Mihov235
3.Filip Repman193


The 5th round of CodeIT is over, the first finalists have been determined

Sofia, 10.04.2023

The fifth round of the international contest in competitive programming CodeIT is over. It was of the  "Marathon" type and determined the top four best-performing finalists. As usual, the competition between the participants was high and different countries were represented. The round was held under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Eng. Sotir Sotirov, Deputy Rector of the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov", Dimitrina Todorova, Director of Professional High School for Computer Programming and Innovations - Burgas, and Milena Andonova, Director of PPMG "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov" - Burgas.

The top three in the general ranking are:
1. Dushko Obradović, Sombor, Serbia
2. Aleksandar Gubica, Sombor, Serbia
3. Anton Anastasov, Haskovo, Bulgaria

The top three in the Junior ranking are:
1. Veljko Galović, Sombor, Serbia
2. Serkan Rashid, Shumen, Bulgaria
3. Yavor Vasilev, Shumen, Bulgaria

The prizes from the draw after the third round, provided by the competition partners Cougar and Prestigio, go to: Michael Ibišić, Backi Monoštor, Serbia computer keyboard; Lazar Zubović, Sombor, Serbia – a computer mouse; Luka Terzin, Sombor, Serbia – a CodeIT sweatshirt. Partners of the competition are also B2B Media, DevStyleR, and "I can - here and now".

The first four finalists are:
1. Dushko Obradović, Sombor, Serbia
2. Anton Anastasov, Haskovo, Bulgaria
3. Emil Indzhev, Ruse, Bulgaria
4. Aleksandar Gubica, Sombor, Serbia

The ranking for all rounds, news, and any current information on the competition can be followed on the website and on Facebook/ CodeIT.BG.