Sixth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 23.5.2021 / 14:15 h.
End: 23.5.2021 / 17:15 h.

Hello, boys and girls!

It is an honor to congratulate you for participating in the most prestigious private IT contest in Bulgaria, CodeIT.

The A & B School has won this competition for many years with Rostislav Rumenov and Rumen Hristov. Many of our alumni have also taken part in the organization of this prestigious competition - Petar Ivanov, Georgi Georgiev, Ivaylo and Anton Chernevi.

Our partnership with Musala Soft dates to the creation of the company and we welcome their policy of supporting the preparation of the future developers! The company has always supported all initiatives related to competitive programming. Together with Musala Soft we initiated and organized the First European Youth Olympiad in Informatics (eJOI), which this year will have its first mini anniversary, celebrating 5 years. And even despite the pandemic, it will still happen, although online. The company is also a long-standing partner of the International Autumn Tournament in Informatics (IATI), which is held every year in Shumen, Bulgaria. Thanks for your friendship and support!

I wish the CodeIT team and Musala Soft even more success!

I wish the participants in the competition a successful performance, but above all – have fun fighting the difficult tasks and let the best ones win!

Biserka Yovcheva,
director of „A&B“ School
Dear organizers and competitors,

I am happy to congratulate everyone who is involved in the decisive sixth round of the authoritative competition in Informatics CodeIT this year.

Solving problems means looking for a way out of a complicated situation or a path to overcome obstacles. It is a process of achieving a goal which initially looks hard to reach. Solving problems is a specific intellectual faculty, and the intellect itself is a specific gift of man. This is why solving problems can be regarded as one of the most beneficial human activities.

By preparing for and taking part in different competitions for solving problems, young people prepare for an active and fruitful contribution in life.

Organizing competitions for solving problems, the organizers contribute to the greatest extent to building people who will tomorrow be able to handle the difficult problems of modern-day life, as well as the future.

With this in mind, I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to Musala Soft, the company behind CodeIT, which has been supporting the development of the Bulgarian talents in the IT field for years.

I wish success to the competitors and the organizers in the sixth round of CodeIT, 2021!

Rusko Shikov,
director of Shikovi Programming School – Yambol,
manager / owner of OPKO Sys Ltd

Patron of the round - Biserka Yovcheva - director of "A&B" School and Rusko Shikov - director of Shikovi Programming School