Final ranking after the last round
1 Encho Mishinev : 100
2 Pascal Pons : 85
3 Тодор Бончев : 70
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The twelve CodeIT finalists will meet doudouille (Pascal Pons) - an Engineering Program Manager at Criteo, Paris, which is one of the most successful French and European Tech companies.

He mainly drives R&D projects to improve their prediction and recommendation Engine, used by their personalized advertising technology. He enjoys programming contests because for him that is a fun way to keep coding while he's never written any line of code in his professional life.
Since the creation of the Topcoder Marathon track he has qualified for 5 out of 8 finals and has kept a safe place in the top 10 ranking. He prefers long contests, but his three lovely kids prevent him from spending too much time on marathons, which makes him wonder every year whether it will be his last TCO.

Algorithmic and optimization problems have always been my passion, I'll be glad to share some of my useful tips and tricks with the finalists. I'm looking forward to meeting you and having fun in Sofia.

doudouille (Pascal Pons)

The Award for the winner in the final round will be to get the opportunity to come to pass one of their adventurous dreams.

The winner will decide himself whether he wants to to fly with a glider, to ride a surf or to make true some other adventurous dream of his or hers.

All contestants with non-zero score will receive a CodeIT T-shirt.