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CodeIT is one of the first private competitions in Informatics in the world. Founded in 2000 as a national competition, today CodeIT gathers together hundreds of competitors from Bulgaria and the world. 6 online rounds, 12 finalists, many partners, one grand final and an inspiring IT guru every year. Good luck to all competitors in the main and junior tracks :) We look forward to seeing you!

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CodeIt is the most elite private national informatics competition in Bulgaria. The competition is held annually in 6 rounds without attendance and a final attendance round with the partnership of companies, non-governmental organizations, IT associations and leading educational institutions in Bulgaria. To the big final will go the best twelve competitors through the season. The final round and the awarding of the participants in the competition is organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. The chief representative of the competition jury is Krasimir Manev, President of the "International Olympiad in Informatics" /IOI/ and a chairman of the initiative committee of the First european junior olympiad in informatics, Bulgaria 2017.

  • Marathon: The 'Marathon' rounds are longer, required more thinking and the tasks usually cannot be solved optimally.
  • Sprint: The 'Sprint' rounds are short (3-5 hours) and consist of several algorithmic problems that can be solved optimally.

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The twelve CodeIT finalists

will meet Scott Wu - a three-time IOI gold medalist and was the overall IOI winner in 2014. He also won a gold medal from the ICPC world finals in 2016. Read more...

All contestants

with non-zero score will receive a CodeIT T-shirt:-)

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