Sixth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 12.5.2019 / 10:00 h.
End: 12.5.2019 / 13:00 h.


Hello, boys and girls!

It is an honor to congratulate you for participating in the most prestigious private IT contest in Bulgaria, CodeIT.

The A & B School has won this competition for many years with Rostislav Rumenov and Rumen Hristov. Many of our alumni were the organizers of this prestigious competition - Petar Ivanov, Georgi Georgiev, Ivaylo and Anton Chernevi.

Musala Soft and The A & B School have a long-standing partnership from the creation of the company and we welcome their policy of supporting the preparation of future programmers! The company has always supported all initiatives related to competitive programming. Three years ago, together with Musala Soft, we initiated and organized the First European Youth Informational Olympiad (eJOI), which this year will have its third edition in August in Maribor, Slovenia. They are also permanent partners at the International Autumn Tournament in Informatics (IATI), which is held every year in Shumen, Bulgaria. Thanks for your friendship and support!

I wish the CodeIT team and Musala Soft even more success!

I wish the participants in the competition a successful performance, but above all - entertain yourself, fighting the difficult tasks and let the best win!

Biserka Yovcheva,
director of „A&B“ School


It is a real pleasure and a great honor to congratulate my colleagues, students and friends as a patron of the CodeIT competition on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire National Commission in Informatics!
It's amazing that after the end of your career in competitive programming as students, you all have the chance to continue challenging your minds in this prestigious competition. I believe that everyone should keep their racing spirit and desire for victory throughout his life and to conquer new peaks. I wish success to the participants and the organizers from Musala Soft - let the competition continue to create wonderful emotions for many years to come.
Good luck!

Anton Shikov,
lecturer at the Shikovi Programming School - Yambol, member of the National Informatics Commission, manager / owner of OPKO Sys Ltd.

Patron of the round - Biserka Yovcheva - director of "A&B" School and Anton Shikov - lecturer at Shikovi School