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Fifth round Marathon

Round time

Start: 21.3.2020 / 10:00 h.
End: 11.4.2020 / 21:00 h.

The real technology creators these days are challenged to start the processes of titanic change in the everyday life of people. I’m sure that most of them are among you – determined and working hard in the field of programming. I hope that you implement human values in your programming creations and build the digital transformation in your lifetime. This is a great responsibility, but also incredibly creative and unique opportunity for your generation. I wish you luck!

Dimitrina Todorova, principle of The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation, Burgas.
On behalf of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Acad. Nikola Obreshkov I wish to congratulate all the participants in the 20th anniversary edition of CodeIT! Do not stop chasing your dreams, because that’s how you will make them a reality

Krassimir Stoyanov, principle of School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Acad. Nikola Obreshkov, Burgas.
There are things that make our hearts tremble and we feel like we’re flying. These are the things that we put all our hearts and thoughts into. I hope that programming is the thing that makes you feel like that

Prof. Dr. Sotir Sotirov, deputy-rector on international collaboration and post-graduation qualification in University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” – Burgas.

Patron of the round - Dimitrina Todorova, Krassimir Stoyanov and Prof. Dr. Sotir Sotirov