Second round Sprint

Round time

Start: 16.12.2023 / 14:00 h.
End: 16.12.2023 / 18:00 h.

It is a pleasure for the Technical University – Sofia to be involved in the prestigious Programming Competition – CodeIT. The Technical University – Sofia closely monitors the direction of the sector, because it educates hundreds of students every year, who prove their professional skills and provide Bulgaria and the world with excellent and competent specialists.

We maintain good relationships with our business partners, various business projects and are drivers of many innovative projects of the European Union. Our academic education opens long-term prospects to future engineers and provides them self-confidence and competitiveness. It is the schools that are the main indicator of the capabilities of our future engineers and this competition is a strong incentive for that.

I admire the long-standing work of Musala Soft to stimulate and develop the abilities of young talents from the school circles. This is an indisputable contribution to the development of successful career placements, which will lead young professionals to the desire to conquer peaks in programming, become computer engineers and devote themselves to the profession.

I wish fruitful work and success to the CodeIT competition this year.

Prof. Ivan Kralov, DSc,
Rector of Technical University - Sofia
Dear young people, competitors and future developers, for me - as a longtime Dean of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia, it is another honor to congratulate you on your enthusiasm and the right choice of future profession.

Bulgaria is famous as a country for its well-trained programmers and that is why it is a sought-after destination by the world's largest IT companies.

You chose this path. It's tough, but it pays off. I wish you perseverance and success!

Prof. Ognyan Nakov, PhD,
Dean of Faculty of Computer Systems and Technology, Technical University - Sofia
Dear competitors,

It is honor and pleasure for me and the National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to welcome you to the 24th season of the International Programming Competition organized by the software company Musala Soft!

I wish you success and very quick speed of thought in the upcoming SPRINT – second round of CodeIT.

I am proud that National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Acad. Lubomir Chakalov" is a partner in the competition, which brings together IT talents from all over the world.

Ivaylo Ushagelov,
Director of National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics "Acad. Lubomir Chakalov"
Dear participants in 24. season of the international programming contest CodeIT,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you and demonstrate my confidence that by participating in this prestigious competition you are taking another step on the road to success! The Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria has long-standing and fruitful relations with the organizer of the competition – "Musala Soft". Our joint experience and cooperation in the field of information technology and education are the basis for creating innovative solutions and supporting the development of talented young professionals. Thanks to the common values and commitment to providing opportunities to talented young people, the two organizations jointly contribute to the technological progress and academic development in Bulgaria.

Over the years, CodeIT has become a symbol for innovation, passion for science and the pursuit for excellence in the field of programming. Your talent, diligence and unbending will to improve yourself are an inspiration to us and the youth who come after you.

I wish you success, innovative solutions and many fun moments this season! May CodeIT continue to connect the developer community and drive the achievement of new heights in this exciting discipline!

With friendly greetings,
Prof. Nikolay Nikolov, MD,
Chairman of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria

Patron of the round - Prof. Ivan Kralov, DSc, Prof. Ognyan Nakov, PhD, Ivaylo Ushagelov, and Prof. Nikolay Nikolov, MD