The final round of CodeIT season 2023/2024 will be in-person in Sofia on 2-3rd June. Stay tuned for more details.

Third round Marathon

Round time

Start: 29.12.2017 / 20:00 h.
End: 19.1.2018 / 20:00 h.


„As a Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, I am proud of the achievements of the professors and the students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. I am confident and statistics undoubtedly show that academic education in the area of Information Technologies is at the base of the excellent professional fulfillment of our students. I acknowledge the initiatives of “Musala Soft” and the special attention of the company towards the youngest talents in programming. On behalf of Sofia University, I would say that the partnership with one of the oldest programming contests is another opportunity for us to contribute to the development of education in Information Technologies and to stimulate the interest of young people in this scientific area. To all participants in the contest, I wish that they demonstrate their potential and manage even the toughest challenges. “

Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov, Dr. Habil,
Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Patron of the round - Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov, Dr. Habil