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1. 225
2. 165
3. 160
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Fourth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 19.3.2022 / 14:05 h.
End: 19.3.2022 / 18:05 h.

It is a great pleasure for me to once again greet all contestants in the International Programming Contest - CodeIT.

Dear contestants, I wish all success in creating the best program for a peaceful future. Be innovative, think analytically, develop yourselves, follow the algorithm that leads your way, and don't forget to be good people.

Good luck!

Galina Bobeva,
Principal of the High School of Mathematics "Baba Tonka", Ruse
It is an honour and pleasure for me to congratulate you on the successful organization and conduction of the 22nd edition of the International Programming Contest CodeIT. Ruse University is a long-standing partner of Musala Soft and actively works to realize the effective collaboration between educational institutions and the business.

Dear young people, your knowledge is highly impressive and inspires us with optimism that with joint efforts we will continue to foster the thirst for success and professional development.

Believe in yourselves, follow your dreams and accept challenges with a smile!

COR MEM Prof. Hristo Beloev, DTSc DHC mult.
Rector of the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse

Patron of the round - Prof. Hristo Beloev and Galina Bobeva