The final round of CodeIT season 2021/2022 took place in-person in Sofia on 12-13th June. More details here.

Fifth round Marathon

Round time

Start: 09.4.2022 / 10:00 h.
End: 01.5.2022 / 20:00 h.

On behalf of the faculty and students of the University "Prof. Dr Asen Zlatarov" I would like to congratulate the participants in the latest edition of CodeIT.

Be forward-looking and do not deviate from the big goal of becoming good professionals, growing and developing every day.

I would also like to express my most sincere support for the organizers of this inspiring competition and wish them to continue supporting wholeheartedly the thinking young people in the IT field.

Prof. Dr. Sotir Sotirov
Deputy-rector on international collaboration and post-graduation qualification in University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" – Burgas
Congratulations to Musala Soft for everything they do for our students – the future IT specialists. To many more and just as successful rounds of the competition!

And to all the talented kids I wish strong competition spirit, trust in themselves and new successes.

Sonya Dimova
Principle of School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov", Burgas
We live in a time of change when technologies are entering more and more into real life. You will be the contemporaries of the digital revolution and, more than anyone else, you have to not only understand the technologies, but have an idea about how people will manage the world in the near future.

This is a great responsibility, but also an incredibly creative and unique opportunity ahead of your generations.

I wish you good luck!

Dimitrina Todorova,
Principle of The Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation, Burgas.

Patron of the round - Prof. Dr. Sotir Sotirov, Sonia Dimova and Dimitrina Todorova