Sixth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 21.5.2022 / 14:05 h.
End: 21.5.2022 / 18:05 h.

Greetings to all contestants and organizers of CodeIT!

Lately I've been thinking that most of the contestants were not even born when this competition first took place, and now I realize that this also applies to some members of the organizing committee as well. Frankly, CodeIT is now an established competition with traditions, which has been uniting contestants from different ages and nationalities for many years in a row.

I would like to thank Musala Soft for organizing this feast of competitive informatics every year.

It is an honor for the "A&B" School to be a patron of the next round of the competition. "A&B" School has had its students compete in it since the very first seasons, we have won multiple times, and we have taken part in organizing it as well.

We wholeheartedly wish luck to all contestants! Tackle the problems successfully, but most importantly – have fun!

May the best one win!

Biserka Yovcheva,
Director of "A&B" IT School

Dear organizing committee and contestants! The time has come for the decisive sixth round of the leading competition, CodeIT 2022.

The problems will surely be tough, but solving easy ones isn’t interesting 😊. The participation in this round will most certainly be an important step in the way for the young folks to becoming highly qualified software engineers, and for the members of Bulgaria's national teams during the summer international competitions in Informatics – an opportunity to check their level of preparation. In this regard, the organizers from Musala Soft deserve our most sincere gratitude and appreciation for supporting the development of young talents in Informatics through all these years.

I wish success to all contestants and organizers of the sixth round of CodeIt 2022!

Rusko Shikov,
Director of "Shikovi" IT School – Yambol,
Owner/manager of OPCO Sys Ltd

Patron of the round - Biserka Yovcheva - director of "A&B" IT School and Rusko Shikov - director of Shikovi IT School