Sixth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 22.4.2023 / 14:05 h.
End: 22.4.2023 / 18:05 h.

Greetings to all contestants and organizers of CodeIT!

Lately I've been thinking that most of the contestants were not even born when this competition first took place, and now I realize that this also applies to some members of the organizing committee as well. Frankly, CodeIT is now an established competition with traditions, which has been uniting contestants from different ages and nationalities for many years in a row.

I would like to thank Musala Soft for organizing this feast of competitive informatics every year.

It is an honor for the "A&B" School to be a patron of the next round of the competition. "A&B" School has had its students compete in it since the very first seasons, we have won multiple times, and we have taken part in organizing it as well.

We wholeheartedly wish luck to all contestants! Tackle the problems successfully, but most importantly – have fun!

May the best one win!

Biserka Yovcheva,
Director of "A&B" IT School

Dear organizers and contestants!

It is again time for the decisive, sixth round of the very prestigious tournament CodeIT 2023 and again very strong young computer scientists from Bulgaria and abroad will have to exert their strength to qualify for the finals.

Dear competitors, do not regret the effort! By solving difficult tasks, you develop your skills to deal with any intellectual challenges in life and prepare to solve the complex problems that necessarily arise before any IT specialist who wants to create useful and well-functioning software.

Dear organizers, for another year I want to congratulate you on your noble efforts, through which you contribute a huge contribution to the development of young computer scientists and to the preparation of the national competitors of Bulgaria for the upcoming summer international competitions.

I wish success to the competitors and organizers of the sixth round of CodeIT, 2023!

Rusko Shikov,
Head of Shikovi School – Yambol
Dear, participants and organizers,

It is an honor for us from "Olympians" school to be a patron of the last sprint in CodeIT – a unique online competition ending with a face-to-face final round. We congratulate Musala Soft, which has been conducting and organizing it for over 20 years. For me, as a former participant and competitor, it is a great pleasure to welcome all of you.

Competitions build important skills such as purposefulness, quick thinking, dealing with tension, etc. These in Informatics develop logical and algorithmic thinking very well and can rightly be said to be a gateway to one of the fastest growing industries at the moment – the IT industry. The knowledge and abilities you acquire by training and participating in competitions will be very important to you, to lead the future progress. More and more things are becoming achievable through computers nowadays with the rapid development of neural networks and language models. A vivid example is the recently popular chat bot ChatGPT, which has excellent ability to lead discussions and answer questions. But it has a lot of room to develop especially in the direction of solving competitive tasks. You can do much better than it with the non-standard tasks that you constantly face.

We wish you an interesting sprint that you can enjoy the challenging tasks prepared by the CodeIT team at Musala Soft, some of whom were participants in the competition only 1-2 years ago. Let the best ones win and qualify for the final round in Sofia. Good luck!

Ilian Yordanov,
Teacher at "Olympians" School
Eleonora Pavlova,
High School of Mathematics "Petar Beron", Varna

Patron of the round - Biserka Yovcheva - head of "A&B" School, Rusko Shikov - head of Shikovi School and Ilian Yordanov - teacher at "Olimpiici" School