Финалът на CodeIT сезон 2023/2024 ще се проведе присъствено в София на 2-3 юни. Очаквайте подробности.

Временно класиране след кръг 6
1.Boris Mihov335
2.Душко Обрадовић295
3.Христо Христов201


The Third Round winner of CodeIT is from Serbia

София, 05.02.2019



Duško Obradović, competitor from Republic of Serbia is the winner in Third Round of CodeIT Season 2018/2019. Aleksa Plavić, also from Serbia, took the second place, and Martin Kopchev from Bulgaria took the third place in the general ranking. Competitors from South Africa, China, Sweden, Armenia, Ukraine, Croatia joined the competition.


The next round of the competition is a Sprint type and will take place on February 23rd (Saturday). Those rounds are short (3-5 hours) and have several competitive tasks with optimal solution from algorithmic nature. The sprints consist of unfixed task number, as some of them are designed for Juniors (8th graders or younger) and they are not taken into consideration in the general ranking.


Latest information about the contest can be found at CodeIT website and in the group on Facebook



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