The third round of CodeIT concluded with winners from Serbia and Bulgaria

София, 05.02.2024

After the completion of the third round of CodeIT the software company Musala Soft joyfully presents its latest achievements in its international competitive programming contest. Ta.


The CodeIT 2024 Team for the Competition and the Journey into the World of Programming

София, 25.01.2024

Dive into an exclusive talk with the brilliant minds behind CodeIT. Deniz Poturliev, Petar Mihov and Stefan Zhelyazkov had a chat with our special media partner DevStyleR.They give .


The second round of CodeIT has concluded

София, 21.12.2023

The second round of the international competitive programming tournament CodeIT concluded with participants from 19 cities in different countries. The round was of the Sprint type, .


Winners from the first round of CodeIT

София, 27.11.2023

After an intensive first round, the software company Musala Soft proudly announces the first results of its international competitive programming competition CodeIT.Participants fro.


CodeIT unites the most prestigious academic institutions in Bulgaria

София, 13.11.2023

For another year the international programming competition CodeIT will be held under the patronage of representatives of the most presitgious academic institutions in Bulgaria.Recto.


24th Season of CodeIT Begins

София, 24.10.2023

The 24th season of the international programming competition by Musala Soft – CodeIT starts on October 28th, 2023. For yet another year, the competition will provide IT talent.


Find Shortest Linear Recurrence using Berlekamp-Massey

София, 17.07.2023

Kamil Debowski from Poland was a special guest and IT guru of CodeIT's final for season 2022/2023. Kamil has been doing competitive programming for many years and he's been a finali.


23 years CodeIT

Sofia, 12.06.2023

Encho Mishinev is the winner of the 23rd season of the international programming competition CodeIT organized by Musala Soft. The award ceremony took place in WTC - Interpred and br.


The 6th round of the 23rd CodeIT season is over

Sofia, 02.05.2023

The last round of the qualification phase of the international competition in competitive programming CodeIT was completed. The winners in the round are from Bulgaria and Serbia, an.


The 5th round of CodeIT is over, the first finalists have been determined

Sofia, 10.04.2023

The fifth round of the international contest in competitive programming CodeIT is over. It was of the  "Marathon" type and determined the top four best-performing finalists. As.

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