Results from 4th Round

София, 29.02.2024

The 4th round of the international programming competition CodeIT has successfully concluded. Talents from various countries participated, and the winners are from Bulgaria and Serbia.

The top three competitors in the senior age group engaged in an intriguing battle for the top positions. During the round, the three exchanged places almost until the very end, making the 4th round the most contested this season.

Top 3:
1. Boris Mihov, Sofia, Bulgaria
2. Viktor Lucic, Sombor, Serbia
3. Yasen Penchev, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Top 3 - youth ranking:
1. Denislav Manev, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2. Nikola Manolov, Haskovo, Bulgaria
3. Nikolay Valchanov, Shumen, Bulgaria

Winners from the prize draw with awards from the organizers Musala Soft and sponsors - Ubisoft Sofia and Canyon:
- Nikola Manolov, Haskovo, Bulgaria
- Aleksandar Gubica, Sombor, Serbia
- Kaloyan Elenkov, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Simona Hristova, Shumen, Bulgaria
- Georgi Marinov, Varna, Bulgaria

The next round will be a Marathon and will take place from March 16th to April 7th, 2024. The patrons for this round will be:
• Prof. Sotir Sotirov, PhD - Deputy Rector of University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov", Burgas
• Dimitrina Todorova - Director of the Vocational High School of Computer Programming and Innovations - Burgas
• Milena Andonova - Director of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov" - Burgas