Fourth round Sprint

Round time

Start: 24.2.2024 / 14:05 h.
End: 24.2.2024 / 18:05 h.


It is an honor and great pleasure for me, as Rector of the University of Ruse, on my own behalf and on behalf of the academic community of our university, to congratulate the management team of the company, its employees and the participants in the competition on the launch of the 24th season of the international programming contest CodeIT, organized by the software company Musala Soft!

Thank you for inviting me to be the patron of another season of the race!

Musala Soft has always been a benchmark for high professionalism and goodwill. This has led to the transformation of our partnership with the company into a wonderful tradition that we continue to enrich and develop.

At the University of Ruse we maintain and develop close ties and cooperation with many secondary schools, because we are convinced that success in higher education is impossible without serious preparation in school. That is why we strive to support teachers in stimulating students' interests in science and information technology from a very early age. Musala Soft has been working in this direction for many years, attracting young talents in its competitions, for which I once again congratulate the whole team of the company!

I wish success and good luck to all participants in the contest!

Acad. Hristo Beloev, DSc,
Rector of University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"
Hello, dear friends!

It is an honor for me to congratulate the participants in the 24th season of one of the most promising programming competitions in the world. Established in 2000 as a national competition, today CodeIT gathers hundreds of participants from Bulgaria and the world, including many current and graduated students from Baba Tonka Mathematics School.

I hope you will continue to inspire more and more young people to engage in programming and coding. I am glad to be among the friends of CodeIT and once again to have the opportunity to wish success to all competitors.

Best of luck to all participants!

Galina Bobeva, PhD,
Director of Mathematics High School "Baba Tonka", Ruse

Eleonora Pavlova,
Director of Mathematics High School "Petar Beron", Varna

Patron of the round - Acad. Hristo Beloev and Galina Bobeva