The CodeIT finalists will meet Oleksandr Kulkov - a grandmaster in CodeForces and main organizer of the Osijek competitive programming camp in Croatia.

Oleksandr Kulkov, or "adamant", is a competitive programmer from Zaporizhia, Ukraine, and an author of over 60 competitive programming problems.

Oleksandr participated in coding competitions since school, and continued doing it in his university years, participating in ICPC regionals and other local contests. Oleksandr is one of two active maintainers of CP-Algorithms, and one of the main organizers of the Osijek Competitive Programming Camp (OCPC), a bi-annual international camp for university students to prepare for ICPC in Osijek, Croatia.

Beyond that, Oleksandr also has experience teaching algorithms, data structures and formal languages at university level, and has a notable Codeforces blog which once made him a top-1 Codeforces contributor.